Interim CFO

The position of CFO is a key position in small and medium-sized companies. Therefore, a sudden and unforeseen incident such as illness or resignation of such a key employee can pose a risk to the company’s strategy and the preservation of the financial overview. In addition, the company may become vulnerable in relation to the continued management of the finance department. To remedy this problem, hiring an Interim CFO for a shorter or longer period can be a solution.

Interim CFO as a business partner

Hiring an Interim CFO is more than just hiring a consultant!


An Interim CFO analyzes, plans, and makes recommendations in the same way as a consultant, but in addition the Interim CFO has decision-making competence and can ensure that the day-to-day business continues, just as plans, projects and improvements can be carried out and implemented.


Loosely translated, Interim CFO means temporary financial manager. As Interim CFO, we offer to take care of the specific tasks that can arise suddenly – and at short notice – in a company and its finance function. It can, for example, be in connection with illness or resignation from the acting financial manager or in connection with the planning and initiation of major projects.


Hiring an Interim CFO can therefore help the company to fill an acute absence in a key position in the company. The company immediately gets an experienced employee with management and communication experience as well as a quick understanding of the company’s business model and industry. In this way, the company can continue the planned strategic development, concentrate on a possible recruitment task, while there is a safe hand on the financial management.