CFO services

All companies may need external assistance to solve tasks of a temporary nature. This may, for example, be in connection with the implementation of change- and development projects. Today, the support functions are cut to the bone, and the resources are carefully adapted to the need. This means that the possibility of releasing resources briefly and periodically can pose a challenge when resources must be allocated.


CFO & Board Consulting Services offers assistance with solving special CFO tasks, such as:


If the company is faced with the task of purchasing a new company, CFO & Board Consulting Services can offer to oversee or participate in the due diligence process in connection with the acquisition. The due diligence work is always done in collaboration with the company's accountant and lawyer, but I offer to be the company's impartial and extended arm in the project based on my previous experience with acquisitions of companies in, for example, Denmark and England.

In addition, I have been primary financial and legal responsible in connection with the establishment of new companies in several different countries in Europe as well as in the United States and China

Process description and optimization

I have extensive and long experience in building and implementation of processes in a finance department to ensure fast and efficient workflows. I naturally focus on the processes being designed to ensure the necessary and optimal control environment.

I also have experience in the design and implementation of internal controls to ensure compliance with SOX 404 legislation in the USA.

Management reporting

The importance of a financial overview and understanding of the company's financial situation is of invaluable importance to management. It is about creating transparency and clarity as a foundation for a solid and in-depth strategic decision-making basis.

The management reporting creates the basis for the company to be managed for growth and development, so that the strategic goals can be realized.

I have a long and broad experience of providing the necessary financial overview for management by creating a management report that provides the foundation for the most optimal decision-making basis.

Financial closing

CFO & Board Consulting Services offers assistance with the company's monthly, quarterly or annual closing. The service is adapted to the company's reporting needs for both management and the board. In addition, assistance is offered with the preparation of documentation for audit review.

This service can be offered in the way that I am in charge of the reporting on an ongoing basis. Alternatively, I can offer assistance with the design of the financial closing process, so that the company's own staff can manage this in the future.

Modelling of reports

It is important that management and the board are not overwhelmed with useless information but only presented with the essential information to create an overview and make competent decisions.

I have extensive experience in preparing models for management reporting, so that the information needs of management and the board are sufficiently covered.

In addition, I have extensive experience in building various internal reporting models that the finance department can use in their work. These can be consolidation models in connection with acquisitions and consolidation of new companies, building budgeting and cash flow models as well as individual models in connection with the need for project follow-up and the like.

Special projects

During my business career, I have worked on many different projects to ensure the companies' continued development.

For example, the updated legislation around Transfer-Pricing reporting is a highly prioritized topic for many companies. Here I have previously assisted a mediumsized listed company in building Transfer-Pricing documentation, and this also included discussion and determination of models for the group's internal settlement prices.

In many companies, there is a need to upgrade or acquire a new ERP system. Here I can offer my experience either as a steering committee member or as a sparring partner for the finance function to ensure that the company acquires the ERP system that suits the company's needs for management and information.

I have also participated in various types of projects in relation to cash flow optimization. This could, for example, be optimization of customer payments, payment of suppliers and inventory management. There can often be improvement of cash flow from implementing such optimization projects. It is one thing to report on these optimizations, but another thing is to have them implemented in the company, and here I also make my skills and experience available.

Finally, there may be other types of individual projects of expected shorter or longer duration, which I would be happy to offer to help solving. You are very welcome to contact me for a discussion of the project.