CFO Board

CFO & Board Consulting Services has been established to help small and medium-sized companies to strengthen the financial overview for the company’s further growth and development.


The services are based on short- or long-term handling of the CFO role in the company or, alternatively, specific finance projects that cannot be handled by the company’s existing personnel group.

Interim CFO

Hire an Interim CFO on a consulting basis for a shorter or longer period. All companies need external assistance from time to time to solve tasks of a temporary nature. This can be in connection with organizational change, organizational adaptation, illness, acquisition, or integration of new companies and as a sparring partner for the existing financial staff.


As Interim CFO, I can step in at short notice, and with my competence, experience and skills for execution ensure that an overview is quickly obtained, so that tasks are prioritized and quick and visible results are delivered.

CFO services

I offer my many years of experience and competence to solve specific financial tasks in the company. It is often experienced that there is simply not enough time when new tasks are dumped into the finance department. Daily tasks must also be prioritized. I can therefore step in and lead or assist with the solution of, among others, these special tasks.


The modern board has a great influence on the strategy of a company and is a sparring partner for the daily management.


I can offer to participate as the board’s financial expert and sparring partner. I have extensive experience as an executive for boards in the role as a CFO, and I have also been elected as an external board member. In addition, I have experience in working with audit committees through more than 15 years of work as a CFO in listed companies.

Office in Aalborg & Copenhagen

The company has its head office in central Aalborg and a satellite office in Carlsbergbyen in Copenhagen. The office in Copenhagen is only staffed by appointment.



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